Revealer Trailer: Shudder goes back to 1987 in the latest from Hack/Slash creator

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Shudder has released a trailer for the apocalyptic horror movie Revealer, and it’s taking us all the way back to 1987 from comic authors Tim Seeley and Michael Moreci.

Directed by Luke Boyce, the film’s official synopsis states, “What started off as a typical Chicago work day in 1987 for Angie Pittarelli (Caito Aase), a dancer at the Revealers Bookstore peep show booth, turns tragic when her annoying boss is suddenly killed in an uprising outside the store leaving her trapped in the booth, unable to escape. Soon she learns that hiding out in the booth next to hers is none other than Sally Mewbourne (Shaina Schrooten), an overzealous religious protester that seems to get a kick out of regularly harassing Angie. Sally is in a panic claiming that the rapture has occurred and the apocalypse has begun. With nowhere left to turn, Angie and Sally must separate their differences and come together to fight this unknown evil, navigating the treacherous bootlegger tunnels below the store to survive the unthinkable.”

Shudder picked up Revealer and is set to release the film on June 23, 2022. When speaking about the movie, General manager of Shudder, Craig Engler, said “Luke Boyce has crafted a darkly funny and surprisingly moving apocalyptic horror that we can’t wait to share with Shudder members.”

Director Luke Boyce also seems high on the project and he spoke about sharing the film with the world via Shudder:

“We made Revealer as the entire shift of the world changed beneath our feet and we responded to that creatively. It is a movie that’s wild and scary but also heartfelt and emotional. It’s a neon-drenched, horror-filled call for connectedness and we are so incredibly excited to have teamed up with Shudder, a platform, and community I love dearly, as the perfect home to share it with the world.”

Revealer is written by Tim Seeley, the man behind Hack/Slash, and Michael Moreci. Handling producing duties is Shatterglass Films and The Line Film Co. as well as familiar genre names such as Sarah Sharp, Robert Patrick Stern, and Brett Hays. Aaron B. Koontz and his Paper Street Pictures banner round out the producing team.

Did YOU like the trailer Revealer? The hits Shudder on June 23, 2022.

Source: JoBlo Horror Trailers

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